ICTSI D.R. Congo S.A.

A natural gateway to Kinshasa, MGT is the only terminal in D.R. Congo with modern infrastructure and equipment.

Matadi is the most important port on the Congo River. Approximately 150 kilometers upstream from the Atlantic, Matadi is a major import and export point for the whole of D.R. Congo.

  • A natural gateway to Kinshasa and the Western DRC that brings the most modern and world-class infrastructure and facilities
  • Only terminal in DRC with mobile harbor cranes allowing gearless vessels to operate, and empty depot services accepting empty containers before vessel arrival
  • Fastest turnaround time in the region for both vessels and trucks
  • Equipped with real-time TOS, full EDI capabilities and integrated billing systems which allow transparent invoicing
  • Potential for further channel dredging and terminal expansion with enough land available

The economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo is largely agricultural with coffee, palm, oil, cotton, sugar and the like as its main produce. Its mining sector, however, has been driving the economy with copper, cobalt, gold, coltan, tin, zinc and diamond as among its major exports. Diamonds account for about 10 percent of the country’s revenue.



Avenue Mienze Kiaku nr1/2,

Cellule OEBK, Quartier Ville Haute,

Commune de Matadi, Kongo Central, DRC

+243 8299 99527