We are one of the world’s largest independent terminal operator across six continents


ICTSI runs a geographically diverse portfolio, with an unrivalled focus on sustainable stakeholder value. We prioritize client relationships and aim to form strong ties for the future, listening to our clients’ needs and proactively meeting them. We nurture an intrapreneurial and agile management across all our port terminals, to allow for the complete independence of our local ports, in line with ICTSI’s values.  


Overview of How ICTSI Enables Innovation and Digital Transformation

ICTSI prioritizes efficient port technology, consistently leveraging market-leading hardware and software resources in strategic areas to improve operations and stakeholder interactions, establishing a seamless supply chain.


Creating Value for All Stakeholders

At ICTSI we work tirelessly to develop and operate efficient and sustainable port facilities and deliver the highest possible benefits to our stakeholders and to the communities we serve.

Our port partnership agreements cover long-term concessions – 25 years on average – which means we can apply our belief in the value of the long view, creating positive and transformative impact on our people, our host communities and our various stakeholders through the practical outworking of sustainability principles.

At a Glance


Impact on Communities

ICTSI creates a positive impact within its host communities by spearheading and executing social development and environmental programs through ICTSI’s global CSR initiatives. More than just providing financial and material assistance, we work to improve the lives of others in the areas where we operate.  



Impact on the environment and the economy

Our work creates positive impacts and opportunities for local economies. ICTSI is a global enabler of trade, and we facilitate employment and other economic benefits in our host communities. We are also aware of our impact on the environment and are proud to commit to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Guided by our environmental commitments, we pledge to maximize our energy and resource efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint, lower emissions and improve waste management, alongside other sustainability initiatives.



Impact on People (Clients, Employees, Suppliers)

We are a responsible employer and expect all of our employees, clients and suppliers to adhere to our values. We uphold the importance of human rights and the safety of our people as well as those in our supply chain. We are active in addressing environmental and social issues in our partner countries, and place huge importance on our employees’ wellbeing. We encourage career progression by nurturing our employees to achieve their optimal performance and full potential. We adhere to stringent regulations to ensure healthy client relationships and to provide port services in an efficient and safe manner.


Our employees are essential to ICTSI’s success as a leading port developer, manager and operator, and the way we treat our employees is fundamental to the way we want to do business. This begins with ensuring respect for internationally recognized human rights and labor standards in all our workplaces.


Offering customer service excellence is key to successful relationships, which is why we invest significantly in digital technologies, upgrading our processes and equipment to ensure our operations are safe, efficient and run smoothly 24 hours a day.


We are committed to serving the communities we directly and indirectly impact, through programs and projects designed to protect and uphold their rights. Working closely with local communities and governments is important as it enables us to learn about what they need.


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