ICTSI places great importance on robust corporate governance. We continue to uphold the principles and policies embodied in our Manual on Corporate Governance, which serves as the framework of rules, systems and processes that governs the performance of the ICTSI Board of Directors and Management. Following its adoption in 2013, and subsequent revision and submission to the Philippine government through the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2017, the Manual outlines the duties and responsibilities of the Board in overseeing the interests of all stakeholders. ICTSI continues to uphold such principles and policies, and employs them as guidance towards efficient and right decision-making.


Context and commitments

Our commitment to sustainability and good corporate governance forms part of our Good Global Citizenship strategy, which aims for our Group to refine our ESG approaches, policies and priorities and to improve our performance. We leverage our commitment to our various stakeholders through our continual efforts to enhance governance, strengthen our corporate policies and business resiliency, and drive our sustainability agenda forward alongside our risk management and mitigation approaches.


We continue to evolve our group-wide corporate governance policies and to strengthen our commitment to our various stakeholders, with our Board of Directors and Leadership Team at the helm across our diversified global portfolio and strong ESG strategies to ensure transparency, accountability and prudent management.


Our continual efforts to embed our solid risk reduction strategies and management across our business through our Enterprise Risk Management System and continued digital transformation have gained ground. We intensified our commitment to respecting human rights following the group-wide adoption of our Global Principles on Human Capital, strategic sourcing and responsible value chain.

Moving Forward

Anchored by our strategy of Good Global Citizenship and strong ESG, we will continue to adhere to prudent management, enable sustainable growth and reinforce our risk management approach to ensure robust and resilient businesses where we operate.


Our initiatives



We believe the bedrock of business sustainability is sound, prudent and effective corporate governance. We have a robust structure in place which encompasses vital areas such as general management, information systems, risk management, reliable financial and operational information, cost effective and profitable business operations, and compliance with contracts. We place strong emphasis on complying with laws, rules and regulations that are in force in the territories where we operate. 


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