Offering customer service excellence is key to successful relationships, which is why we invest significantly in digital technologies, upgrading our processes and equipment to ensure our operations are safe, efficient and run smoothly 24 hours a day. Our cutting-edge digital innovations have played a huge role in offering an efficient journey for our customers without loose ends. All of these efforts are in line with our strategies to maintain close ties with existing and prospective clients. This degree of engagement is crucial to meeting the highest level of customer service and performance standards.


Context and commitments

Adapting our services to the “new normal” is critical – even more so in exceptional circumstances such as the ongoing global pandemic. ICTSI is not just robust but also future-ready, guided by our core principles and backed up by our customer-centric policies and standards, which entail innovating in digital services in a pandemic-affected setting.


In 2021, when health and safety played a significant role in consumer retention, we advocated for “safe ports for all”. We continued to strive for zero terminal service-related incidents in the majority of our ports, and we have invested in various health and safety initiatives to maximize customer health and safety resources. We believe that providing great customer service is a two-way street, and as such, we have created grievance processes to ensure that our customers are truly heard and cared for.


Our most remarkable success in 2021 was a 10% increase in volume from the previous year. Despite many lockdowns at our global terminals, we have maintained a good track record. Our terminals continue to raise the bar for port operations and productivity record for ship calls.

Moving Forward

Customer satisfaction surveys are one of the means by which terminals obtain acceptance ratings from their clients. As such, our terminals have established goals in order to continue providing customer-centric services. Ultimately, we aim to push for safer and more efficient services through digital innovations, and to strive for secure transactions for the sake of our stakeholders.


Our initiatives



We believe in “customers first through digital firsts” in improving our client services. We have innovated and put in place digital services for our port stakeholders so they can make contactless payments, monitor trucks, containers and vessels, and view payment estimates from corresponding ICTSI terminals in advance. These services enable port users to optimize their cargo through ICTSI and reduce costs.  

We have campaigned for “safe ports for all”, guided by rules and procedures that protect the welfare of our stakeholders. These rules adhere to local regulations and ISO standards and are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure their efficacy. Our ports have maximized customer health and safety resources by hiring safety personnel, purchasing safety equipment, implementing IT infrastructure and introducing additional health and safety initiatives.


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