We are committed to serving the communities we directly and indirectly impact, through programs and projects designed to protect and uphold their rights. Working closely with local communities and governments is important as it enables us to learn about what they need. Our initiatives range from education, health and disaster relief and response through to building schools and hospitals.


Context and commitments

Across our operations worldwide, we are committed to serving the communities we directly and indirectly impact through programs and projects aimed to protect and uphold their rights. Guided by the vision of our Global Good Citizenship and supported by our social responsibility arm, the ICTSI Foundation, we aim to give back to society, uplift the most vulnerable of sectors, and safeguard the environment.


All terminals in review have programs in place that aid their respective communities, as part of our company’s social responsibility thrusts as well as our continuing COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery efforts.


All terminals in review have done their share in helping our host communities cope with the ill effects of the pandemic, addressing hunger, health, safety and the environment. Our sustainability agenda aims to contribute in and bolster economic growth, and has inspired us to intensify our social investments in the areas where we operate.

Moving Forward

Through our Foundation’s activities, we will continue to spearhead and execute our social development programs and advocacies. We are geared to actively contribute to the UN SDGs through our program pillars of Youth Development, Environment Protection and Host Community Welfare, while also helping society in general to recover and rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our initiatives



We strive to create positive impact beginning with the local communities that host our operations, ensuring that the lives of its stakeholders are uplifted. From immediate relief and rehabilitation during natural disasters to more institutionalized opportunities for livelihood, capacity-building, learning and public health, we continue with our social investment framework that focuses on three key areas: Youth Development, Environmental Protection and Host Community Welfare.

Most importantly, beyond providing financial and material assistance, we help build a society by instilling and sustaining a heightened sense of nationalism through efforts that support the success and excellence of Filipino talent in the global arena, primarily in the field of sports, arts and culture. It is these intangible contributions that enhance our stature not only within the business community but in many other areas of life.


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