Our purpose is to make our ports drivers of positive change and sustainable growth around the world. With this in mind, we use internationally recognized frameworks and standards to continuously assess and challenge ourselves to be better and to ensure we remain a good global citizen.


Framework Used: The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards

ICTSI uses the GRI Standards as its sustainability reporting framework. GRI offers the most comprehensive set of sustainability reporting standards and helps ICTSI understand its outward impacts on the economy, the environment and society, including those on human rights. By doing so, we increase our accountability and enhance transparency.


Our Materiality Assessment Scope, Process and Approach

Our process of defining material topics emanates from a wider set of stakeholder engagement processes. We engaged an independent external auditor to identify key issues that were material to our stakeholders through a multi-step materiality assessment, actively inviting selected groups to give us feedback on a range of topics linked to environmental, social and governance issues related to our businesses and stakeholders. The results provided an avenue for key material issues to be identified, carefully assessed and ranked based on their impact on the economy, the environment and society, and their consequences for business and stakeholder interests.