Our ports play an important role in supporting businesses and communities, and we are committed to actively helping our host nations to maximize their port infrastructure investments and boost trade as a driver of sustainable development. 

As a major player in the global value chain, we provide value-adding services and facilitate the free flow of goods between nations and regions. In doing so, we help create thousands of direct and indirect employment opportunities through our support of local sectors and industries in our host communities across six continents.


Our financial prudence and strategic business growth are propelling us forward to 2022.


We delivered a strong performance in 2021, founded on more efficient operations. We grew value by keeping ports open and facilitating international trade – supporting local economic growth and global economies with unimpeded movement of commodities through robust port and terminal operations worldwide.

Moving Forward

In line with our multiregional expansion plans, we continue to grow our diverse portfolio and to be a partner of growth for economies, seeking port privatization opportunities and port asset sales across the globe and helping to support people’s aspirations for sustainable growth.


Our initiatives


KPI: Business performance in container throughput

ICTSI handled 11.16 million TEUs in 2021, an increase of 10% on the previous year.


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