Tecon Suape ramps up emergency preparedness


Tecon Suape’s emergency brigade, in partnership with Hidroclean – a company specializing in preventing environmental damage, recently conducted a training exercise on the proper handling of oil leaks.

The exercise was done in compliance with legislation no. 398 of the National Environmental Council to demonstrate the high level of preparation of brigade members in dealing with events that could impact terminal operations. 

The activity simulated an oil leak coming from the ruptured tank of a terminal tractor and an accident with a victim during container loading and unloading operations. Tecon Suape’s Quality, Safety, Environment and Health Department evaluated the performance of the brigade members during the exercise.

Aside from emergency response trainings, the emergency brigade also has preventive routines in place to identify potential deviations that could result in adverse situations.

Tecon Suape constantly seeks to perform actions that reaffirm its commitment to environmental and safety practices across all areas of its operations. Through this environmental policy, the company can identify requirements for effective risk management.