Tecon Suape holds strategic workshop, leadership lecture for employees


Tecon Suape conducted a transformative workshop, “Strategic Direction,” from 23 to 24 October to reinforce and align the organizational culture in accordance with the new Strategic Directions 2023/2027.

Spanning six sessions, the workshop brought together all Tecon Suape employees and was facilitated by Jairo Martiniano. In addition to fostering unity among employees, the workshop included a specific segment for terminal leaders, who took the opportunity to enhance their management and communication skills by taking part in the Positive Leadership lecture. The lecture focused on the crucial connection between organizational climate and productivity.

The activity marks the start of a journey of growth and learning, centered on Tecon Suape’s mission, vision and organizational values. Engaging and motivating employees, the workshop sets the stage for the company to pursue operational excellence in line with its strategic plans.