The ICTSI Foundation cares and looks out for not only the communities of the Group’s business units but society at large


Focused on the three program pillars of Youth Development, Social Welfare and Protection of the Environment, the Foundation helps keep ICTSI's host communities safe, sustainable, thriving and empowered.

The Foundation was established in May 2009 to rationalize CSR initiatives across the ICTSI Group by identifying and espousing advocacies initially for youth and community and adopting these advocacies as development pillars. Environment advocacy was later separated from community and became the third pillar. ICTSI’s aim is to see a sustained implementation of similarly focused CSR initiatives within its Philippine and global operations.

The Foundation monitors and reports all CSR programs and projects and ensures that ICTSI business units heed the call of the United Nations to contribute to the attainment of the 17 Sustainability Development Goals by 2030.


A society that supports and advances the growth potentials of the youth.


Provide support mechanisms and stimuli in youth development, environment protection and community assistance

Our Role

The Foundation is prepared to take on any of these roles to help ensure the success of developments that are initiated or supported by the ICTSI Head Office, ICTSI subsidiaries or other organizations, or by communities or sectors:

  • Proponent
  • Partner
  • Funding Institution
  • Implementer
  • Coordinator
Our goals
  • To provide assistance to the youth in the fields of education, health, sports, and social assistance.
  •  To support partnerships and collaborations on environmental protection projects.
  •  To support welfare services to address the needs of disadvantaged sectors within communities.

COVID-19 initiatives 

We strategically anchored our COVID-19 response to four key areas of focus: protecting lives and livelihoods; providing support and care for our host communities; continuing to provide services to our customers; and implementing measures to ensure the continued agility and financial strength of our business.  

Youth development 

Youth development is at the very core of the ICTSI Foundation, and since its inception we have focused on access to education, capacity building (for schools and teachers), support for young athletes and sports organizations, and community welfare support (including public health services and livelihood opportunities).  


The ICTSI Foundation supports ICTSI’s wider initiatives towards environmental conservation and has many partnerships that help to achieve sustainable outcomes. To see some of our environmental programs, take a look at the ICTSI Foundation Accomplishment Report (2021). 

Community assistance 

ICTSI recognizes our local communities as catalysts for social and economic growth to uplift the quality of life for all. We invest in our communities as they create a sense of belonging which encourages our residents to take on an active role in collective activities that benefit underserved individuals and groups who cannot support themselves.