Building value across ports and beyond 

ICTSI creates high-performing container terminals at the crucial cargo transition point for both inbound and outbound cargo flows. Our facilities serve as a key nexus in the global supply chain around the world. In turn, the sustained and increasing profitability of domestic, regional and transcontinental trade directly impacts the economic performance of our partners, and local and national governments. When ICTSI commits to goals and consistently delivers upon these commitments and exceeds expectations, we build value year-round, and all around.


Developing Market Focus


ICTSI is focused on developing market container ports, particularly strategically located gateways or end-destination cargo ports.


Leveraging state-of-the art technologies


ICTSI prioritizes efficient and top-notch port technology, consistently leveraging market-leading hardware and software resources in strategic areas to improve operations and stakeholder interactions in order to establish a seamless supply chain


Keeping a keen eye for opportunities


A balanced portfolio of port holdings, including facilities in emerging economies and developed markets, account for ICTSI's consistent growth trajectory. All ports, regardless of location, are carefully chose with an eye towards prospects for long-term profitability.