VCT delivers enhanced productivity, efficiency to ICPC


Visayas Container Terminal (VCT), International Container Terminal Services, Inc.’s (ICTSI) operation in Central Philippines, is making progress towards transforming the Iloilo Commercial Port Complex (ICPC) into a more competitive and efficient trade gateway for Western Visayas.

Since commencing commercial operations on 1 April, VCT has steadily enhanced the terminal’s infrastructure and productivity to effectively position ICPC as a key player in the region’s maritime trade. The terminal has serviced some 40 vessels, including container ships, Ro-Ro and bulk carriers, mirroring the increased efficiency that underscores ICTSI’s global standard of port operation.

“Our operations are off to a good start thanks to the great team that we have here at VCT. Everyone worked tirelessly to get everything up and running, including the renovation of the terminal’s facilities, and set up of the systems needed to run the terminal within our desired standards. Customers can expect more improvements as we continue to deploy more equipment and complete the rest of the terminal upgrades in less than two months,” said Timothee Jeannin, VCT executive director.

VCT currently operates with five reach stackers, four trailers and three prime movers. Additional equipment is set to arrive within the coming weeks, including five empty container handlers, 12 prime movers and 12 trailers. VCT will deploy two mobile harbor cranes in September to further boost vessel operations. The terminal also looks to improve its bulk operations by investing in new bagging machines, clamshells and additional mobile equipment for bulk cargo.

Catering to refrigerated cargo, VCT looks to complete the construction of its reefer stacks by August. The facility will have an initial capacity of 40 plugs, which will be increased accordingly based on demand.

Besides fast-tracking the remaining works at the terminal, VCT is negotiating possible opportunities and connections with both domestic and international shipping lines services to and from Iloilo. Making ICPC more competitive will enable the port to attract a wider range of shipping lines and unlock more cargo destinations for the Western Visayas trade.

VCT’s commitment to the province of Iloilo goes beyond enhancing the local logistics chain and providing opportunities for the industries in Western Visayas. The ICTSI subsidiary also aims to empower its host communities by prioritizing local hiring and engaging local contractors. By harnessing local talent and resources, VCT looks to support economic activity and foster community development at the same time.

“We are proud to spearhead the transformation of the Iloilo Commercial Port Complex into a world-class maritime facility. At the same time, we are grateful for the opportunity to spur economic activity in the Visayas region and elevate the local communities that host our operations,” said Jeannin.

Visayas Container Terminal is ICTSI’s first operation in Central Philippines. Early this year, the Philippine Ports Authority granted ICTSI a 25-year concession to operate and develop ICPC into a modern, efficient and world-class trade gateway.