SPICT commends safety champions

South Pacific International Container Terminal (SPICT) recently cited four employees for showing outstanding dedication to workplace safety.

Bonny Wande and Jason Nevol from Operations, Lisa Sipose from Procurement, and Esther Saka from Engineering, received commendations for satisfying the assessment criteria of SPICT’s Safety Incentive Program. The employees were selected for their reporting of the highest number of hazards and near-miss incidents, and for delivering the highest number of toolbox talk topics.

Launched in January, the program promotes workplace safety through positive reinforcement of observed safe behaviors and voluntary participation in various safety risk programs. Through the program, SPICT wants to promote open discussion about safety at all levels to encourage safer workplace behavior, reduce workplace injuries, and establish a strong and positive safety culture in the workplace.


 SPICT’s workplace safety champions. (Clockwise) Bonny Wande, Jason Nevol, Lisa Sipose, and Esther Saka