With the unprecedented health crisis currently at its peak, Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT) is taking every possible measure to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Company deployed necessary safety controls to reduce the risk of infection among its employees, stakeholders, and host communities.   

Raising awareness about the disease, PICT has conducted toolbox talks, motivational sessions, and 
educational programs to encourage employees and their families to be proactive with their health.  PICT also launched information campaigns on social media to reach stakeholders and local communities.  

PICT conducted an online session titled ‘Health Talk – Let’s Connect to Disconnect COVID-19’ with cross-functional employees to raise their safety awareness and reinforce the importance of mental health as well as the need to embrace a balanced routine.

PICT is also leveraging digital platforms to make transactions easier for stakeholders during the lockdown.  These digital solutions help prevent the spread of infection by reducing physical contact between port users and employees.

To support the efforts of the Pakistani Government and other relevant ministries, PICT is actively facilitating the importation of test kits, face masks, sanitizers and other essential commodities.  The Company is doing its best to ensure health supplies are readily available to the communities during the crisis.

As part of its Community Care Program, PICT has partnered with the local government in developing measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among communities.  PICT donated food packs to families living in the surrounding areas of the port to help ease the impact of limited movement during the lockdown.

“We are consciously striving to make food supplies accessible to the communities surrounding the port.  As a responsible company, we are doing our part to strengthen communities and front-line forces so we can all overcome this pandemic,” said Khurram Aziz Khan, PICT Chief Executive Officer.

“PICT, as the only terminal operator listed at the Pakistan Stock Exchange, will continue to take the lead in seeking opportunities to help improve our communities and set the standard for the corporate sector on how to positively contribute to the good of society,” he added.

PICT staff prepare food packs for distribution to the local community