MHC conducts emergency response training

Manila Harbor Center (MHC), in cooperation with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), held its annual two-day emergency response team training on fire suppression and basic life support on 5 and 12 October, respectively. 

MHC volunteer employees were given the opportunity to address potential workplace incidents and learn to respond effectively during emergencies. The training covered basic fire formations, the suppression techniques and the proper equipment usage. BFP personnel also assessed the fire prevention capability of volunteers to help strengthen the emergency plan of the terminal.

For the second day of training, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) of BFP delivered lectures and conducted simulations of first aid scenarios to acquaint volunteers with the proper emergency procedures.

Among the focal topics included were identifying vital signs, basic life support for adults and children, foreign body airway obstructions, musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries, and different types of wounds and their treatment.

Participants for both training courses engaged in rigorous drills to reinforce knowledge retention and improve their resilience during challenging situations.