Manila Harbor Center rolls out eco-friendly capacity expansion

The completion of three new bulk cargo bays more than doubles Manila Harbor Center’s bulk storage capacity from 24,000 metric tons to 55,000 metric tons and assists in mitigating any environmental impact of the terminal’s operation.


Manila Harbor Center (MHC), the largest bulk and breakbulk handling facility in the Port of Manila in the Philippines, is expanding its cargo handling capacity with the completion of eco-friendly bulk cargo bays (BCB) and dredging of the berths to accommodate larger vessels.

This new development increases MHC’s number of BCBs from two to five, effectively improving the terminal’s bulk storage capacity by over 100 percent from 24,000 to 55,000 metric tons. These cover a combined area of 6,650 square meters, enclosing cargo inside seven-meter walls that help to mitigate the environmental impact of bulk cargo operations by minimizing the spread of dust.

“Compared to open storage that requires use of laminated sacks, BCBs require less cover as they minimize the surface area of the cargo exposed to weather elements. BCBs prevent cargo erosion with the help of drainage and roadways, resulting in minimal spills and a cleaner port environment,” says Jennifer Olaer-Salazar, MHC safety head.

“We continue to keep the area surrounding the BCBs clean through road sprinkling, sweeping and tire baths to ensure that ambient air quality is below the acceptable limits,” she adds.

For dredging works, MHC has tapped infrastructure company Prime Metro BMD to further deepen the 865-meter berth in Terminals 1 and 2 and the 240-meter berth in Terminal 3. Once dredging is completed, Terminals 1 and 2 will have a design draft of 10.5 meters and Terminal 3 will have 8.7 meters.

“We are gearing up MHC to handle more trade as the country continues to recover from the pandemic and prepares to fully open the economy. The deepening of the berths will allow us to facilitate larger vessels and additional cargo,” says Geraldine Santos, MHC commercial head.

MHC continues to collaborate with clients and stakeholders in addressing their requirements by further improving its port facilities and capabilities, including going the extra mile and other value-added services.