Matadi Gateway Terminal (MGT), the Congolese unit of International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI), was recently cited as the best investment project in the infrastructure sector in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

MGT was awarded with the Prix de Reconnaissance aux Investisseurs (Investor Recognition Award) by DR Congo’s Agence Nationale Pour La Promotion des Investissements (National Agency for Investment Promotion) last 7 September, which recognizes outstanding investments that have greatly contributed to the country’s economic growth, in line with the country’s Investment Code.

Approximately 150 kilometers upstream from the Atlantic, MGT is the most important port on the Congo River and the natural gateway to the capital Kinshasa.  The terminal brings in the most modern and world-class port infrastructure and facilities in Western DRC.

Tim Vancampen, MGT Chief Executive Officer, said: “ICTSI is one of the first multinationals that firmly placed a strong footing in DRC and believed in its potential in 2014.  As the country’s premier maritime gateway, we are very proud to have contributed to the improving business and investment climate, and we remain committed to supporting DR Congo’s greater economic goals.”

He likewise cited MGT’s customers and its passionate management and employees, whose excellent collaboration contributed to the port’s success today.

MGT, with support from the DRC government, has a two-step plan in place to realize the strategic dredging of the Congo River up to a draft of 12.5 meters – thereby opening the door to Panamax class vessel calls. A third phase, under development, will further facilitate access for the slightly larger WAFMAX vessels, which will require a draft of 14 meters.

To further improve the terminal’s improving turnaround times – the fastest in the country today – a third mobile harbor crane is now on order, providing the ability to turn a 2,500-TEU capacity vessel in under 12 hours.

Earlier this year, MGT welcomed the Safmarine Nuba, the first call by a gearless containership in DRC and the first by a vessel with a capacity of 2,500 TEUs.


Matadi Gateway Terminal, ICTSI’s subsidiary in DR Congo



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In January 2014, ICTSI entered a joint venture agreement with La Société De Gestion Immobilière Lengo (SIMOBILE) to develop a container and general cargo terminal on along the river bank of the Congo River at Mbengu Matadi, Democratic Republic of the Congo. ICTSI and SIMOBILE formed a joint venture company, Matadi Gateway Terminal to operate and manage the facility. SIMOBILE is a concessionaire of a parcel of land along the Congo river in the district of Mbengu, Township of Matadi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, intended for port use. (
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