I hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe during these unprecedented times.  Like you, our thoughts have been focused on the outbreak of COVID-19 and the impact it is having on our daily lives.  As the world responds to this pandemic, foremost in our minds is the wellbeing and safety of our people, customers and the communities in which we operate.    
We have faced and overcome many challenges throughout our 33-year history and in times like these when unexpected events arise, the ability to adapt quickly is essential to navigating the pace of change that is before us and to protecting our stakeholders.   

I have outlined some of the measures that we have taken and will continue to take, to help you steer through these extraordinary times and uphold our duty of care and our role in society both as a good corporate citizen and to ensure the continued movement of global trade as best we can.  When we are faced with challenges, it is sometimes difficult to see beyond them; but I have no doubt that we will weather the storm of COVID-19 and its impact, together. 
At the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak, our Board and Executive team swiftly made preparations to manage this situation and ensure we follow World Health Organisation and government guidelines across the world.    

The health and safety of our people

The health and safety of our staff is our utmost priority. We have implemented a number of measures aimed at protecting the welfare of our employees, and to minimize the risk of spreading the virus within our global network including: 


  • Working from home protocols across all terminals where possible 
  • Enforcing commercial policies to minimize face to face contact with personnel, both internal and external 
  • Across our global portfolio, terminals are sanitized and disinfected, including regular disinfection for all work spaces and shuttle services, especially high foot traffic areas (disinfection of touch points like door knobs, rails, kiosks, biometric areas, and turnstiles) 
  • For those employees who are able to work from home, they are well-equipped and have the necessary tools and technology to continue to support our customers.  Our investment in operational technologies ensures that we are able to provide highly efficient services 

We continue to heed government advice in each jurisdiction and employees are regularly briefed on current guidance.   

Managing our supply chains and business resilience

We remain committed to delivering, and pride ourselves on, providing a world class service to our customers. Bearing in mind worldwide government policies and regulation which have been put into place to tackle the virus, this will cause inevitable disruption and delays to the supply chain.  However, by ensuring our people are cared for and well-equipped, we are strongly placed to continue to service you.  As always, we remain flexible and dedicated to finding workable solutions especially throughout this time of uncertainty.  

ICTSI’s Board and its entire leadership team are determined and committed to overcoming this unprecedented event.  As a ports and terminal operator with operations around the world, we have a diverse revenue stream in terms of geography and most of our terminals have strong positions in their respective regions. We are closely monitoring events as conditions change across the world, updating business continuity plans and taking measures to ensure we continue to support our stakeholders.   The dedication and determination of the ICTSI team across the world has been unwavering.  They are on the front line responding to what their country needs; food, medical supplies and basic necessities. Our deep-rooted culture of compassion and teamwork has been strongly evidenced in these past few weeks and I am humbled, grateful and so very proud of you all.   

We are aware that the effects of COVID-19 is not a short-term challenge but one which will evolve and change in the weeks and months ahead but by standing firm to our values of respect, determination and the pioneering spirit on which ICTSI was founded, we will get through this -- together.   

Please stay safe. 

Chairman and President