Contecon Guayaquil S.A. welcomes ZIM’s Colibri Express (ZCX) service

The EM SPETSES at Contecon Guayaquil

Contecon Guayaquil S.A. (CGSA), International Container Terminal Services, Inc.’s (ICTSI) Ecuadorian unit, recently handled the inaugural call of Zim Shipping Line at the port of Guayaquil.

ZIM recently launched their ZIM Colibri Express (ZCX) service, an independent weekly service from South America West Coast to US East Coast. The ZCX service places emphasis on refrigerated cargoes from Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia with six 1,700-TEU capacity vessels with increased reefer capacities. The EM SPETSES is the first ZIM vessel to arrive at the terminal. The vessels will call Contecon twice a week, approximately 42 days after departing from the port of origin.

The ZCX service will follow the rotation: San Antonio (Chile), Callao (Peru), Guayaquil (Ecuador) – Cartagena (Colombia) – Kingston (Jamaica) – Philadelphia – Miami, Kingston (Jamaica) – Buenaventura (Colombia – Guayaquil (Ecuador) – Callao (Peru) – San Antonio (Chile).
“In this alliance with ZIM, we are part of a route of large and important port terminals. In addition, Ecuador is consolidated within the routes that open the doors to its products,” explained Javier Lancha de Micheo, Contecon Guayaquil's chief executive officer.
ZIM’s arrival in Ecuador reflects the confidence of international shipping companies in Contecon’s operational efficiency, safety, security, and an exceptional business model where all investments are focused on providing integrated logistics services using cutting-edge technology to improve Ecuador’s foreign trade. Since 2007, the year Contecon began operations, the concessionaire has invested more than USD400 million.
"As strategic partners of Ecuador, we have contributed and invested in every link of foreign trade. These investments attract shipping companies such as ZIM, which operate in the world’s major ports and demand the highest standards for their operations and partners with a long-term vision to ensure sustainable value creation," explains Mr. Lancha.