TecPlata vows to further strengthen Argentine foreign trade

Juan Pablo Trujillo, TecPlata chief executive officer


TecPlata reaffirmed its commitment to promote Argentina’s foreign trade as it celebrated four successful years of partnership with Log-In in May.

Addressing guests during the anniversary event, Juan Pablo Trujillo, TecPlalta Chief Executive Officer, described the partnership as “a laboratory experiment that has become a successful alliance for both companies and Argentina.”
He recalled the beginnings of the alliance with Log-In, which was born as a dream and an opportunity to do something disruptive and creative, taking advantage of the available facilities to offer customers a new brand of services with distinct capabilities that allow for better operation and greater competitiveness of Argentine products abroad.
Mr. Trujillo highlighted that since then, “TecPlata has experienced constant growth, thanks to a combination of strategies and collaborations with different stakeholders in the community.
“Although the activity is still small compared to the magnitude of its installation, it has experienced growth of more than 50 percent compared to last year. This is an impressive achievement, especially considering the significant contraction that the rest of the market has experienced due to various global and national situations.”
With the current progress, TecPlata’s CEO said the company is on the right track and is proud to be the only terminal that can offer peace of mind and certainty with its performance.
Mentioning the announcement of the construction of the Magdalena Channel, Mr. Trujillo referred to TecPlata and the La Plata port as “the axis of decision-making for the country’s future, especially in the field of foreign trade, the port and maritime sector.”
He also stated that TecPlata is determined to offer what has been impossible until now for other container terminals such as those in Buenos Aires, adding that the terminal is designed to handle the largest ships that sail along the South American Atlantic coast – which has become increasingly important in the global market after the pandemic.
“This year, more than 90 mega-container ships, 400-meter-long ships, are being delivered, which are beginning to circulate around the world. For the next year, there will be 150. TecPlata is the only terminal in the country that really has the capabilities and capacities to serve these ships. This means that Argentina will not necessarily become a market for feeders and barges that depend on third countries to function,” explained Mr. Trujillo.
The CEO also said that the company is committed to promoting the businesses that the country requires, and proud as a strategic partner of the Argentine State.
“The concession of the terminal has many years ahead, which means that we will continue to invest and bet on Argentina for many more years,” stated Mr. Trujillo.
“TecPlata is betting on the future of the country and working hard to guarantee the success of Argentine foreign trade. With the help of successful partnerships such as the one we have with Log-In, we will continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of the constantly changing global market.”

Celebrating TecPlata and Log-In’s four years of successful partnership. (From left) Federico Niemela, TecPlata operations director; Flavio Goncalvez, Log-In general operations manager; Patricia Resende, Log-In product and marketing manager; Diego Cioffi, Log-In operations manager for Argentina; Mauricio Trompowsky, Log-In operations director; Vanessa Cunha, Log-In Jacarandá vessel master; Juan Pablo Trujillo, TecPlata CEO; Marcelo Oliveira, Log-In regional manager for Argentina; Felipe Gurgel, Log-In commercial director; Federico Pellicer, TecPlata commercial director; and Facundo Pennacchioni, TecPlata finance director.