TecPlata launches annual Emergency Brigade Plan

TecPlata’s Emergency Brigade (From left:) Fabrizio Fornessi (HSE), Daniel Bergamo (Operations), Hugo Verón (Operations), Raúl Manrique (Operations), Ximena Couto (Operations), Jonathan Rojas (Operations), Pablo Chiacchio (Operations), Lucas Nardo (Engineering), Maximiliano Benitez (HSE), Marcelo Ramua (Engineering), Federico Niemela, chief operations officer, and Lorena Mack, chief human resources officer


TecPlata, as part of its commitment to workplace safety, has launched the 2022-2023 Annual Plan for the company’s Emergency Brigade.

The plan includes a series of training exercises that aim to develop and enhance the emergency response capabilities of every member of the brigade. Firmly believing in safety as a fundamental pillar of the organization, the management understands the importance of having a solid and capable team to effectively deal with any emergency or contingency that could disrupt operations and put employees and stakeholders in danger inside the terminal.
It is important to note that members of the Emergency Brigade are volunteers, which demonstrate their exceptional dedication to service and desire to help and intervene in critical situations. The current Emergency Brigade, together with its annual plan, have been the fruitful result of all the training carried out by the Human Resources Department.