TecPlata celebrates Safety Month

CPR and emergency evacuation training


TecPlata carried out several activities last April in celebration of Safety Month with the goal of increasing awareness and promoting health and safety best practices in both the workplace and personal environments.
One of the standout activities was the Awareness Workshop, which required employees to color a drawing using their non-dominant hand. The workshop's primary objective was to raise awareness about the potential consequences of injuries in both the professional and personal spheres. By illustrating the implications of an injury, such as the need to relearn basic skills like writing due to damage to the dominant hand, employees were able to better grasp the importance of practicing caution and following safety protocols.

 Some outputs from the Awareness Workshop

In addition to the Awareness Workshop, TecPlata organized a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) training session conducted by the Medical Service team. This crucial training equipped employees with life-saving skills and knowledge, empowering them to respond effectively to emergencies. 

Another significant activity was the evacuation and emergency training, which focused on familiarizing employees with internal emergency protocols and evacuation procedures. By reviewing the roles of evacuation assistants and providing a clear understanding of emergency scenarios, the session ensured that employees were prepared to respond efficiently and confidently in the event of an unforeseen situation.

The culmination of Safety Month was marked by a special event on 2 May, where TecPlata Operations Director Mauricio Trompowski presented the prestigious "Parceiro" award. This accolade recognized TecPlata as the Safest Operator and was bestowed upon the Operation Leaders, who consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to maintaining a safe working environment.

As part of TecPlata’s commitment to safety, TecPlata also publishes a weekly digital newsletter on safety.