PH Ambassador to Argentina visits TecPlata

Juan Pablo Trujillo, TecPlata CEO, with Her Excellency Grace Cruz-Fabella, Philippine Ambassador to Argentina


TecPlata had the pleasure of welcoming recently appointed Philippine Ambassador to Argentina, Her Excellency Grace Cruz-Fabella, who visited the Port of La Plata to observe the terminal’s facilities and operations in detail. 

During her visit, Ambassador Cruz-Fabella engaged in a productive dialogue with TecPlata Chief Executive Officer Juan Pablo Trujillo regarding the challenges and opportunities facing the terminal. She also emphasized the relevance of these issues to the Philippine embassy’s agenda, given that International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) is the largest Philippine investor in Latin America. 

Ambassador Cruz-Fabella’s visit to TecPlata was a successful opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the Philippines, ICTSI and TecPlata in the field of port operations.