OPC, Kafie Foundation donate baby boxes to Puerto Cortés Hospital

Mothers who recently give birth at the Puerto Cortés Hospital receive baby boxes from OPC and the Kafie Foundation.


Operadora Portuaria Centroamericana (OPC) and the Kafie Foundation of entrepreneurs Schucry, Luis and Eduardo Kafie signed an alliance to bring the Cajita de Nena project to the city of Puerto Cortés.

Under the cooperation agreement, a total of 120 baby boxes will be donated to mothers who give birth in the port city’s public hospital. The assembly and delivery of the first 40 baby boxes were carried out with the help of OPC and Kafie Foundation volunteers.

La Cajita de Nena is the flagship project of the Kafie Foundation and consists of the delivery of natal boxes that provide mothers with basic supplies for the initial care of their newborn babies. Each box can be used as a crib and includes a hypoallergenic mattress, sheets, diapers, wet wipes, bedspread, socks, overalls, hat, and soap for the baby. For the mother, the box includes personal care supplies like toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary napkin pack, antibacterial gel, soap, shampoo and toilet paper. 

To date, the Kafie Foundation has delivered more than four thousand baby boxes nationwide through strategic alliances with organizations and institutions that seek the common good. OPC decided to join the project to help women at the maternity area of the hospital who seek medical care.

“Today, it is of great satisfaction of our organization to sign this agreement with OPC. This way, we will be bringing aid to mothers who give birth in the hospital of Puerto Cortés. We thank your trust, since this important alliance will strengthen our Baby Box project and enable us to help mothers who need assistance in more regions of the country,” said Miriam Kafie, Kafie Foundation corporate social responsibility manager. 

OPC’s partnership with Kafie Foundation is part of the company’s vision of shared value. Since 2015, OPC has been investing in the remodeling and modernization of the labor and delivery room, maternity room, pediatric observation and hospitalization room of the Puerto Cortés Area Hospital.

“The baby box project that OPC promotes together with the Kafie Foundation form part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives. The sustainability of the Puerto Cortés Area Hospital contributes to the quality of life of citizens through excellence in medical care and health services,” said Evelyn Leiva, OPC head of corporate social responsibility.