NorthPort leaders join leadership workshop

NorthPort leadership reflection seminar participants


“I do not believe in hierarchy. I believe in roles.” 

This statement was made by Mariano Turnes, NorthPort executive director,  in his opening remarks at The Power of Listening and the Open Mindset: A Kaizen Leadership Asia Reflection Workshop held last August at Solaire Casino and Resort.

Forty-three NorthPort leaders participated in the workshop that aimed to instigate transformation in the mindset of leaders. Participants were encouraged to embrace analytical thinking and proactive approaches to problem-solving. 

Additionally, the workshop aimed to enhance the participants’ understanding of account/stakeholder owners, confidence and resilience as role models for their teams, sense of ownership and accountability, strategic and proactive thinking, and team connection and collaboration. 

The eight-hour workshop was an engaging experience that featured feedback sessions and sharing of insights. It started with the participants’ evaluation of their leadership styles.  This was followed by collaborative brainstorming to define the qualities that make a good leader.

The culminating activity saw participants extensively discuss how either the presence or absence of these qualities impact their team, the organization and NorthPort’s customers.

The workshop concluded with all 43 participants realizing the profound impact of their actions and decisions as the new generation of leaders. They acknowledged the importance of embodying desired behaviors and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the company. This new culture encourages leaders to challenge the status quo, seeking competitive and efficient ways to provide enhanced value to the business and its stakeholders.