NorthPort coastal clean-up: A remarkable effort towards a cleaner environment

NorthPort organized a coastal clean-up in Isla Putting Bato and Pier 2 as part of the International Maritime Week celebration.
The event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of employees and security personnel, who dedicated time and effort to make a positive impact on the environment. Equipped with personal protective equipment, each participant worked diligently to collect waste materials for proper disposal. A total of 4,030 kilograms of waste was collected during the activity.

Promoting Environmental Responsibility

NorthPort's coastal clean-up exemplifies the company's commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. By inspiring employees and security personnel to participate in the initiative, NorthPort sets an example for other maritime organizations and the community.

Meaningful Participation

Volunteers in the coastal clean-up demonstrated their dedication to preserving the marine ecosystem. Their collective efforts not only contributed to a cleaner environment but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and team spirit among the participants.

Ensuring Safety

Prioritizing the safety of all volunteers, NorthPort provided them with appropriate personal protective equipment. Equipped with gloves, masks, and other necessary gear, the volunteers were able to carry out their tasks without compromising their well-being. This thoughtful gesture reflects NorthPort's commitment to the welfare of its employees and the community.

Impressive Results

The coastal clean-up yielded remarkable results, collecting a total of 4,030 kilograms of waste. This amount of waste highlights the pressing need for such initiatives to address the issue of marine pollution and its detrimental impact on the ecosystem.

Contribution to International Maritime Celebration

By organizing this coastal clean-up as part of the International Maritime celebration, NorthPort participated in a global movement aimed at raising awareness about the importance of preserving our oceans. Such initiatives contribute to the overall efforts of the maritime industry to promote sustainable practices and protect the marine environment.

NorthPort's coastal clean-up in Islang Puting Bato and Pier 2 serves as an example of a company taking the lead in environmental stewardship. Through the participation of its employees and security guards, NorthPort not only contributed to a cleaner coastline but also fostered a sense of responsibility and unity within the organization. This initiative stands as a testament to NorthPort's commitment to sustainable practices and its dedication to preserving the marine ecosystem for future generations.