New milestone for Rio Brasil Terminal

The Ever Liberal at Rio Brasil Terminal


Rio Brasil Terminal (RBT) achieved another feat last November with its efficient handling of the Evergreen Line vessels Ever Lenient and Ever Liberal.

The two vessels are part of Evergreen’s Far East – South America (ESA) service, which connects Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais to the Asian markets. RBT moved a total of 4,087 TEUs (2,114 containers) and 3,857 TEUs (2,033) containers during its operation on the Ever Lenient and Ever Liberal, respectively – the highest in the terminal’s history. The accomplishment not only represents a milestone for RBT, but also serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to providing exceptional service to its customers. 

RBT’s exemplary performance and precise handling of substantial cargo volumes demonstrate its operational credibility and ability to ensure the seamless flow of global trade. This recent achievement further reinforces RBT’s position as a dependable partner that is committed to delivering excellent results, and a key player in the global trade landscape.