MMT elected to PISI board

Manila Multipurpose Terminal, formerly Manila Harbor Center


Manila Multipurpose Terminal (MMT), represented by Geraldine Santos, MMT commercial head, has been elected as a board member of the Philippine Iron and Steel Institute (PISI) under sectoral D, representing traders and suppliers among other stakeholders.

As a member of the board, MMT’s responsibilities include representing the country’s iron and steel industry, and fostering collaboration among government agencies implementing processes and guidelines for the steel sector. These involve monitoring implementation progress, suggesting measures for consideration by relevant government bodies, and actively engaging committees addressing industry concerns.

Santos also concurrently serves as public relations officer of PISI.

PISI leads the country’s iron and steel industry, striving to enhance competitiveness, foster sustainable growth, drive industry advancement, and ensure adherence to quality standards for national development. Additionally, PISI fosters collaboration with key decision makers and provides a platform to address critical industry issues.