ICTSI South Pacific inaugurates its Center of Excellence

Equipment simulator at ICTSI South Pacific’s Center of Excellence training facility
ICTSI South Pacific has launched a new training facility in Lae.

Housed within South Pacific International Container Terminal (SPICT), the facility is part of the company’s commitment to develop its human resource into world-class talents.  It is equipped with a state-of-the-art simulator to help trainees hone their skills for safe and efficient operation of port equipment.

“We value training for our people and to ensure people are trained, we have to have good facilities and equipment so that people are trained to world standards,” said Robert Maxwell, ICTSI South Pacific chief executive officer.

Prior to the facility’s inauguration in May, a pilot batch of 20 operators and 9 engineers have been training under SPICT’s Center of Excellence program. After a year, 40 personnel have completed the operator and engineering programs. Twelve trainees were recently sent to the Manila International Container Terminal in the Philippines for hands-on operation and maintenance training with actual port equipment.  The training in Manila specifically focused on ship-to-shore (STS) crane operations in preparation for the arrival of SPICT’s STS cranes this year. 

“We are having a vision that in the future, our Center for Excellence training program will be bigger than it is today to cater not only for these two training programs but also other programs such as accounting, procurement and others,” added Mr. Maxwell.

George Gware, SPICT general manager,  is optimistic that the facility will also open more opportunities for young people, especially women, as the company looks to have a gender-balanced workforce:  “Into the future, SPICT is aiming to recruit more women to have gender balance in these areas where men are involved initially.”