ICTSI South Pacific starts operator training

Stage one of the STS operator training involves the use of an equipment simulator in preparation for the operation of an actual STS crane in stage two.


ICTSI South Pacific has commenced training for ship-to-shore (STS) crane operators in Lae as part of the preparation for the deployment of STS cranes at South Pacific International Container Terminal (SPICT).

Currently in stage one, the training centers on the fundamentals of safe and efficient operation of STS cranes. The training is conducted in SPICT’s state-of-the-art facility where trainees develop their skills with the help of an equipment simulator. 

“This program is valuable as we will be using quay cranes for the first time in SPICT, which is a huge boost for our operational capability.  We are providing our pilot batch of trainees with everything they need, including experience using the simulator.  They will be sharing their skills and teaching the next batch of operators in the foreseeable future,” said Nicolò Scannavini, ICTSI South Pacific general manager for commercial operations and business development.

Once the first stage of training is done, the next stage will take place in the Philippines where the trainees will operate an actual STS crane at the Manila International Container Terminal. 

SPICT is set to receive its first two quay cranes by the third quarter of 2022.