ICTSI Rio launches “Magic Library” Project for children

A “magic” library filled with books and other learning materials for children

ICTSI Rio Brasil has partnered with the City of Rio de Janeiro and the Municipal Department of Culture to launch the Magic Libraries Project – an initiative that aims to encourage reading among the youth.

Facilitated under the Municipal Law of Incentive to Culture, the project distributed 10 mobile libraries to hospitals and public schools across Rio de Janeiro last November.

Each magic library contains 60 books for children, divided into 12 titles that include universal classics, Brazilian works and one book printed in Braille. Aside from reading materials, individual libraries also come with 20 hand puppets and other learning materials like crayons, clay and puzzles.

Two workshops were also conducted upon turnover of the libraries – one for reading and another for storytelling – to further entice learning interest among children.

More than 2,000 children are expected to benefit from the initial project turnover to the following institutions:

  • Alice do Amaral Peixoto Municipal School
  • Municipal Nursery Quinta do Caju
  • Public School CIEP Henfil
  • Municipal School Marechal Esperidião Rosas 
  • Municipal Nursery Semper Vida P. Conquista 
  • Municipal Nursery Senninha 
  • Escola Espaço de Desenvolvimento Infantil Parque Alegria Municipal Education Office
  • Municipal Nursery Clemente Ferreira
  • Municipal Day Care Ladeira dos Trabalhadores 
  • Philanthropic Association Arte Salva Vidas