ICTSI Brazil helps pave way for Midea’s local expansion


Rio Brasil Terminal (RBT), a key trade and economic facilitator in Brazil, takes immense pride in being a driving force behind Midea Indústria do Brasil's groundbreaking venture in Minas Gerais.

Chinese appliance maker Midea is expanding locally with a third manufacturing plant in Brazil and has partnered with COSCO Shipping and ICTSI subsidiaries RBT, iTracker and CLIA Pouso Alegre for the transport, unloading and storage of the initial batch of goods coming from abroad. 

Roberto Lopes, RBT chief executive officer, said the company “is proud to participate in this undertaking in which the state of Minas Gerais receives investment from an international company. Aside from fostering economic growth, the project also positions the region as a hub for global business endeavors, creating a positive ripple effect that extends beyond Midea’s factory walls.”

“The collaboration, built upon the pillars of partnership, credibility, structure and unwavering determination, underscores the unified commitment to excellence and efficiency in the project’s execution,” he added.

The involvement of RBT, iTracker and CLIA Pouso Alegre highlights the significance of a well-established logistical framework in the success of import and export activities. Positioned as the premier logistics platform for a rapidly expanding market, this framework contributes to the seamless operation of Midea’s new venture and ensures the timely and efficient movement of goods in a green corridor.

Scheduled for completion in 2024, Midea’s new factory is poised to become a manufacturing powerhouse with its projected annual production capacity of more than one million household appliances. This development stands to significantly boost the Brazilian and South American markets by providing consumers with high-quality products in line with Midea’s commitment to excellence.


Rio Brasil Terminal, iTracker and CLIA Pouso Alegre facilitate the unloading, storage and transport of shipments for Midea’s Minas Gerais factory.