BGT cites exceptional staff performance

Tho Al Faquar (left), one of the BGT staff recognized for exceptional performance, with Hans-Ole Madsen, ICTSI senior vice president, regional head – Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Basra Gateway Terminal (BGT) recently celebrated several local and expatriate staff from Engineering for their exceptional performance and dedication to their roles.

The performance awards not only recognize the individual talents, but also encourage innovation and collaboration among all members of a team. By acknowledging exceptional work, BGT hopes to inspire other staff to strive for excellence and nurture a work environment that encourages sharing ideas and best practices.

“By fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, collaboration and top talent retention, BGT positions itself for success and long-term growth,” said Romeo Salvador, BGT chief executive officer.

In any company, the success of every operation heavily relies on the dedication and expertise of employees. In engineering, where innovation and problem solving are paramount, recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance serves as both a gesture of appreciation and a strategic investment for future success.