Argentine security minister visits TecPlata

Juan Pablo Trujillo (left), TecPlata CEO, with Dr. Patricia Bullrich, Argentinian Minister of National Security at TecPlata

TecPlata, International Container Terminal Services, Inc.’s (ICTSI) operation at the Port of La Plata, Argentina, hosted National Security Minister Dr. Patricia Bullrich’s recent visit to tour TecPlata’s modern facilities.

The minister was accompanied by National Naval General Prefect Guillermo Giménez Pérez and other high-ranking officials from the Argentine Naval Prefecture. They were received by Juan Pablo Trujillo, TecPlata chief executive officer.

The delegation observed terminal operations and inspected the facilities of the Joint Maritime and River Intelligence and Control Unit, which TecPlata has delivered to the Argentine Naval Prefecture to enhance security operations at the port. Minister Bullrich also sailed to the common area to oversee underwater inspection exercises conducted in the Rada, aimed at ensuring the protection and control of vessels.

“We are thankful to Minister Bullrich and the Naval Prefecture for their commitment and cooperation in developing safer port activities. This collaboration is essential for safeguarding and promoting Argentina’s foreign trade and navigation,” said Trujillo.

“The visit underscores TecPlata’s commitment to security and highlights our collaboration with the national government to ensure first-level controls. Our security and technology investments, combined with our close collaboration with the authorities, make us one of the safest if not the safest terminal in Argentina,” he added.

Strategically located just 45 minutes by highway from the city center and closer to the ocean, TecPlata is the only terminal on the Argentine coast of Rio de la Plata that can reach a depth of 14 meters. Coupled with its development plan exceeding one million TEU capacity, TecPlata is positioned as an efficient and secure alternative to enhance Argentina’s port infrastructure.