AGCT support local traffic schools


Adriatic Gate Container Terminal (AGCT) nurtures local talent and promotes the development of a skilled workforce by forging partnerships with local schools and universities, particularly those specializing in traffic management, maritime studies, logistics, polytechnics and technical fields.

Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between its business growth and the demand for qualified professionals, AGCT has solidified collaborations with Rijeka Maritime University, Polytechnic University, Technical University and other specialized schools. These partnerships facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise between AGCT professionals and students, bridging the gap between academia and industry.

AGCT's support for local professional traffic schools includes the following key initiatives:

  • Educational site visits. AGCT organizes regular visits for students to provide them with a unique opportunity to acquire first-hand insights into the daily operations of a container terminal. These visits include detailed overviews of processes, technical challenges, state-of-the-art technologies, best practices and process design that underpin the logistics chain. Students get to witness the complex and dynamic nature of container terminal operations, which help broaden their understanding of the industry.
  • Customized Educational Programs. AGCT collaborates closely with the local traffic school to design specialized programs that facilitate hands-on experience during field studies. These tailored programs allow students to apply classroom knowledge to real-word scenarios, helping students prepare for future career opportunities in the logistics and transportation industry.
  • Employment opportunities. As a tangible outcome of these partnerships, AGCT offered employment to two students from the local Traffic High School immediately after graduation. This underscores the effectiveness of AGCT's commitment to nurturing talent and creating job opportunities within the community.

"As Rijeka assumes its role as a prominent hub for the flow of goods in the region, AGCT acknowledges the growing demand for a skilled workforce in our industry," said Emmanuel Papagiannakis, AGCT chief executive officer. 

"Our partnership with local educational institutions is pivotal in addressing this demand. We are dedicated to nurturing talent from within the community and ensuring that students receive specialized education that equips them to be competitive in the job market," he added.

One recent success story stemming from AGCT’s community initiatives is the recruitment of two fresh grads from Traffic High School. Both were seamlessly integrated into the AGCT team. Given the specialized nature of the industry, AGCT recognizes the importance of continuous education and invests in continuing training and qualification programs for its workforce.

As AGCT's business continues to grow and Rijeka solidifies its position as a regional logistics hub and gateway, the company's commitment to education and community development remains unwavering. AGCT is determined to contribute to the bright future of Rijeka by nurturing the talents of today's students, who will become the leaders and professionals of tomorrow.