AGCT enhances sensory learning at local childcare center

The AGCT team, alongside instructors from the Veseljko Childcare Center and one of the creators of SENcastle, offer educational support to childcare educators.


Adriatic Gate Container Terminal (AGCT) employees recently brought joy to their young neighbors at the Veseljko Childcare Center by donating a sensory castle (SENcastle).

Designed to enhance the sensory experience, the SENcastle comes with a unique range of features that cater to the needs of the children, especially those with intellectual disabilities. 

SENcastle was developed in collaboration with special education teachers and sensory integration specialists to connect with a child’s sensory needs using assistive technology. The multimodal sensory device features a spacious interior with adjustable lighting to ensure a comfortable environment for children. The central pillar of the castle allows color change, and the base contains user-friendly buttons for easy control. 

In addition, SENcastle includes 42 sensory cards that feature 210 sensory scenes along with six sensory pillows to enrich the experience. This compact space offers high-quality materials and a spacious interior with a light column controlling visual and auditory elements to provide a comprehensive sensory experience.

Sušak Childcare Centre Director Vlatka Miletić, thanked AGCT and everyone involved in the SENcastle project.

“The Subcenter for Preschool Education Veseljko carries out educational work for children in nursery and preschool, as well as a special program for children with intellectual disabilities. SENcastle will further enrich our educational work and provide an opportunity for all children, especially those with developmental difficulties, to meet their sensory needs under optimal conditions. It will be a castle where children will enjoy spending time in,” said Ms Miletić.

SENcastle developers also shared their digital speech therapy software with AGCT employees, who can use it at home to correct their children’s pronunciation.