Bedrock of Business Sustainability 

For ICTSI, the bedrock of business sustainability is sound, prudent, and effective corporate governance. We have a robust structure in place which encompasses vital areas such as general management, information systems, risk management, reliable financial and operational information, cost effective and profitable business operations, and compliance with contracts.  We place strong emphasis on complying with laws, rules and regulations that are in force in the territories where ICTSI operates. 

In the Philippines, ICTSI adopted a Manual on Corporate Governance to serve as the framework of rules, systems and processes that governs the performance of the Board of Directors and Management. The Manual on Corporate Governance outlines the Directors’ and Management’s duties and responsibilities to the ICTSI stockholders. The most recent updates and revisions on the Manual were made on May 16, 2017 and duly submitted to the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

The Board of Directors is primarily responsible for the governance of the Company by fostering long-term success and sustaining competitiveness and profitability in accordance with the Company's Vision, Mission and Corporate Objectives, and ensure ICTSI is serving the best interests of its stockholders. As part of proper governance, the Board also serves as an independent check on the Management's performance.